40 Days of Love Week 3 Devotionals

40 Days of Love – Prayer ♥ Care ♥ Share
September 29 to November 7, 2019

Day 15: Sunday, October 13
The last thing that people need in time of loss and destruction is someone pounding a Bible and yelling about the wrath and judgment of God. Hate and judgment never open doors or hearts. We live in a broken world; sin scarred all of creation. Nature groans for Christ’s return and its restoration to God’s beginning statement when seeing what He had created: “it was good.” In times of trouble, leave the convicting up to the Holy Spirit and focus instead on loving people to Christ, not pushing them away. Share hope and love as you help to restore those who are hurting or lost.

Day 16: Monday, October 14
Studies of the brain show that the subconscious of every human is first concerned with preservation and safety. The brain is always asking, “Am I safe?” If the answer is yes, then the brain asks, “Am I cared for?” Only after these two questions are answered positively is the brain able to ask, “What can I learn?” Think about that for a moment. People who fear for their lives or don’t have food or shelter, do not have the capability to listen, learn, and receive the message of Jesus. It is not that they are rejecting Jesus, it is that they are not capable of even conceiving and receiving. How does this change the way you think and share faith from this day forward? Always start with love and care before you share.

Day 17: Tuesday, October 15

Love is a calling and a command, a tone and a touch, and it is minimized or magnified in all that we do. You can take out the trash or clean the bathroom with a cheerful heart because you are happy to have the provisions to have garbage and a home with a bathroom. Make a choice to share love with people throughout your day. Check your posture, your expressions, the timing of your responses, as well as the cheerfulness and gratefulness that you express to others all day. If someone asks, “Why are you in such a good mood?” or “Why would you do that for me?” share what Jesus has lovingly done for you. Share His love.

Day 18: Wednesday, October 16
Many people who have never experienced the love of Jesus think of church and Christianity as a club filled with rules and unreachable expectations. The church is the body of Christ, made up of every person who lives their life under the love and lordship of Jesus in faith that He is the perfect, risen, living Son of God. His commands protect us; they do not steal our fun but rather add to our joy. There is safety and protection, peace and comfort
under the wings of God’s authority. In the finished work of the cross, we can enter into the presence of God with praise and thanksgiving. Christianity is about a relationship with Jesus, not a building full of rules.

Day 19: Thursday, October 17
Jess called us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. Our oneness begins with our Creator, our heavenly Father whose image we all bear. Share this with someone who feels like they never fit in—the person who sits alone, who deliberately makes their appearance stand out, or whose background would have them believe that you have nothing in common. Look for and talk about what you do have in common.

Day 20: Friday, October 18
Romans 8:6 says, “For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.” God gives you the options to make up your own mind. You decide what you will pursue: the flesh or the Spirit. God is clear: choosing to follow Him brings life and peace, but choosing the flesh is a road to nowhere. You cannot be neutral—if you are not for Him, you are against Him. Share this with someone you know or meet today
who is looking for peace. The Prince of Peace has been pursuing them to offer life and peace today. It’s their choice.

Day 21: Saturday, October 19
We may remember that grace brought us to Jesus, but sometimes we forget that this gift from God is what equips and blesses us to live in victory. We walk through the doors of abundant life by grace but somehow get turned around and start trying to earn God’s favor and love. Jesus could not love you any more than He does right now. You are a significant person with a significant kingdom purpose, and your faith in and love for Jesus
is all you need to be showered with blessings and opportunities that will enable you to fulfill your destiny. Share this with someone who struggles with insecurity or works-based religion; your faith-filled relationship is the key to God’s heart. When the road looks rocky, just say out loud: “I trust you, Jesus!”

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