40 Days of Love Week 1 Devotionals

40 Days of Love – Prayer ♥ Care ♥ Share – September 29 to November 7, 2019

Day 1: September 29

It is a misnomer to think that trials and troubles cease when you become a Christian; the truth is that Jesus will cover you as the Holy Spirit guards and guides you through the tough times, not around them. Someone you know or that you will meet today needs to know the fullness of God’s love for them and what it looks like to express this love to others. Be prepared to share and show His love.

Day 2: September 30

When you value others with acts of compassion, you will stand out in a selfish world and people will be curious about the reason you have hope. It is necessary to share the reason for your hope, to let people know that Christ’s love for you and your love for Him is the source and strength for all that you do. Do not let people label you as a “do-gooder”, but rather a “God’s doer”!

Day 3: October 1

Have you ever noticed how a vine grows with its branches intertwined, adding additional support to each branch as it matures and produces fruit? God puts people in your life so that you can grow together and support one another through storms and tender places of new growth. Who do you know that could use some extra support? There are many ways to provide support: through prayer, spending time listening and encouraging, providing a meal, a ride to an appointment or childcare for a few hours, or doing a chore for someone. Be prepared to share what Christ means to you as well as what He has done in you, and for you, as you walk and work in a world of hurting people who need hope today.

Day 4: October 2

This world appears to have a lot to offer: choices compete for our attention, time and money. We fill our days and our closets searching for satisfaction and significance. Some decisions quickly turn into regret, and “buyer’s remorse” sets in to steal the joy of that new item. Do you know someone drowning in regret or disappointment? There is a world of people searching for fulfillment; share with them the peace which comes with surrender, and walk with them as Jesus fills their heart with real treasure.

Day 5: October 3

Your joy-filled obedience can be a significant testimony to help others take the first step in trusting and obeying Jesus. Resentful obedience reflects a heart that does not understand the better blessings found in the boundaries and promptings of God. Pride says: “I want what I want, no matter the consequences.” Obedience says and shows the world that you trust God to give you what you need and to shield you from what you do not. Be prepared to share this message with someone today and every day.

Day 6: October 4

We are storytellers by design. For thousands of years, people have been passing down history and stories in the oral tradition. Even after printing presses and laptops, we still love a good conversation filled with life’s adventures and emotions. You share stories all the time whether you realize it or not, so make it a habit to share “God stories” in your everyday conversations. Give Him glory for the great things He has done, or connect a current life situation with a story from the Bible and follow when God opens the door to faith discussions or questions from unbelievers. Let them know they can talk to you without judgment or pressure. Always have transparent, real-life conversations, and avoid “church language” they may not understand.

Day 7: October 5

Life is full of surprises, good and bad. As you walk and work through your day today, you may pass by dozens of people who have been shocked and rocked by unexpected, painful circumstances. How can you share the love and message of Jesus with them now? How can you give them a hand out of the pit they fell (or maybe even got pushed) into? Share your trust in Jesus, the One they can always trust.

Source: 40 Days of Love, A Prayer, Care, Share Devotional (with minor adaptation)

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